Hôtel d’Hallwyl

– 28 rue Michel-Le-Comte, PARIS 3ème

Built in en 1628 by the architect François Mansart for Jean Jacquelin, the superintendent of the King’s Buildings. In 1725, the Hôtel became the property of Nicolas-François de Mydorge whose daughter married the Comte d’Hallwyl. In 1766 and 1767, it was embellished by the architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux ; it is one of the rare surviving works in PARIS. The garden with its Doric colonnade and the grand staircase make the Hôtel d’Hallwyl one of the most prestigious town houses in the Marais. Necker lived here and Madame de Staël was born here.

Restoration project: 1998-2002 (Restored by Les Lions Saint Paul Rénovation)