The Marais is one of the capital’s most prestigious areas. Thanks to its beautiful buildings, this conservation area is now frequented by tourists and is much sought after by people of a certain social status. The Marais has a wealth of museums and national archives that are held in the Historic Monuments building.

Stones offers properties that are rare and exceptional and are esteemed by a clientele, both French and foreign, that is on the look-out for a very special property investment.

Paris - Hôtel Bruant

Hôtel Libéral Bruant

Paris - Hôtel d'Hallwyl

Hôtel d'Hallwyl

Paris - Hôtel d'Ecquevilly

Hôtel d'Ecquevilly

Paris - Hôtel de Missa

Hôtel de Missa

Paris - Hôtel de Larguillière

Hôtel de Larguillière

Paris - Rue Pastourelle

Rue Pastourelle